About Us

Mr. Rajendra Singh, The director in the organization is responsible for end to end operations of the company. He has over 23 Years of experience in the Consumer and Telecom industry with some of the most respected names in the industry in India and globally. Having started as Sales and Marketing professional with time incorporated in other roles like Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply chain Finance, Human Resources and then General Management into the scope as well. These skills and learnings have been very useful in the his growth as well as of the organisations that he served over the period of more than 2 decades.

Before founding Ravartech, Rajendra held various leadership roles in General Electric Lighting (GE), Sony, Reliance, HCL, Beetel (Bharti Group) and Brightstar (A Softbank Company) and has a track record of excellent growth and incomparable customer satisfaction with just right products for the segments catered. The last assignment was the Business Head and VP at Brightstar India.

He enjoys travelling, socializing and extending a helping hand wherever possible, customers and non-customers alike and takes life as a medium to help and serve.

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